White Label Branding your 360° Virtual Tour

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What is White Label Branding?

White label branding is the method of ensuring a digital asset, like a 360° Virtual Tour, matches your company's branding guidelines. The use of logos, icons, hex codes and fonts are all elements that ensure the experience becomes a seamless part of the marketing kit. The last thing you want to add to your website is a third-party asset that looks like a third-party asset. It's disjointed and looks unprofessional.

What are the benefits of White Label Branding a Virtual Tour?

Digital Branding elements example

Shows attention to detail and delivery of world-class end-user experiences

Increases trustworthiness and reputation

Adaptable as branding evolves

What elements make a Virtual Tour White Labeled?

As stated at the beginning, logos, fonts, icons, hex codes, pictures and videos are common branding assets that will be incorporated into a virtual tour.

There are also a few uncommon examples:

Vanity URL:

This is the URL that people type into a search engine. Typically, most virtual tour companies do not offer this service and it'll look something like this:

Digital Branding elements example

It's not very pretty. VRtical Media ensures to create something that is more in line with your brand:

Digital Branding elements example

This makes it easy for you to remember and tells your clients that it belongs to YOU. Favicon: The site icon in the tab:

Digital Branding elements example

Tripod Cover:

Digital Branding elements example

Why VRtical Media

We've been building virtual tours and virtual experiences since 2018. The value that it's created in people's lives and the boost to businesses marketing efforts is measurable through usage, sales, and wellbeing. We're constantly improving our platform, adding new technologies as they see fit to this landscape.

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