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Marketing your wedding venue as THE place to hold a couple's most important life event isn't something to take lightly. There's stiff competition on all the platforms that list you in their directory to stand out. A noticeable differentiator often comes down to how widely you open your space. This is where 360° Virtual Tours come in.

Why your wedding venue should have a Virtual Tour

People are looking for as many data points as they can before they decide. The more they have, the more likely they'll choose that experience. Since starting VRtical Media, we've seen our client's virtual tours experience a total of over 1 million event clicks. Those clicks range from moving from room to room, opening hotspots to learn more information, and email and calling from the virtual tour

The data doesn't lie. Virtual tours are the differentiator now.

Won't a Virtual Tour deter people from coming to see our venue?

Absolutely not. We get this question often from all industries. If people want to visit your location, they will. Nothing will ever take the place of being there in person. There are 3 things a virtual tour achieves: Saves on resources, shares more data, and reinforces a decision. Let's dive into resources.

Let's say a couple wants to get married in an area close to your venue. They live 1,000 miles away and plan on visiting a total of 6 venues…your venue being one of them. The logistics involved in putting this trip together is quite a bit: flights/lodging/food/activities/car rental all add up. Then there's emotional, physical, and other energy resources (gasoline) all drained. They decide to visit your venue last and discover that it's not a great fit. In fact, 50% of the venues they visit are not. So now, their time AND your time has been wasted. You just gave time to an unqualified lead where it could've been used elsewhere. Multiply this experience throughout an entire year and you'll fast learn that days/weeks have been wasted. It's a reality, not everyone will fall in love with your venue.

Now let's flip the script a bit. They get to your venue and are surprised how much they like it. They were initially on the fence and were extremely grateful they went. You win the deal, but this becomes a learning opportunity: There's a gap in people's awareness of how amazing your venue is.

Next, let's say you do have a virtual tour and they take it. They have now narrowed down how many venues they're visiting, with yours at the top of the list. They've seen different configurations, how tall the ceilings are, what the vibe is like, what's the handicap access like…most of their questions have been answered. Their visit is now way shorter and feel confident in going with you as a venue. They see you as trustworthy, because you're being transparent with your space and don't have to try to convince them by making them come in to show them why it's amazing.

Finally, let's take it to the next level in the next section!

The virtual tour feature that will boost your close rate

Live Guided Tour Login

Video calls are now available within Virtual Tours. Live Guided Tours are a way to immerse you and your potential clients within your venue remotely. Using the feature is very simple: Right click to Start Live Guided Tour session, enter a name and the password you created, and the feature is activated. Now they can join from anywhere in the world. You can also hand over control to the client, allowing them to walk through on their own! These calls can also be with/without video & audio, and giving you the option to present only.

Why VRtical Media

We've been building virtual tours and virtual experiences since 2018. The value that it's created in people's lives and the boost to businesses marketing efforts is measurable through usage, sales, and wellbeing. We're constantly improving our platform, adding new technologies as they see fit to this landscape.

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